Friday, September 18, 2009

Rowan at 17 weeks

I gave Rowan a bath this week and let him lie on the towel to finish drying. Well, to my surprise I have learned that he likes using it for a pillow. And also to my surprise he has no desire to take it apart thread by thread, he just likes having it, so I haven't taken it away from him. It has become somewhat of a comfort item to him.

He goes to the vet next week and I bet he will tip the scales at over 30 pounds.

As Rowan gets bigger he tends to remind me of my 4th puppy "Gonzales", better known as Gonzo.

Gonzo graduated in May of 1999. He was a pup with a sense of humor, he was happiest when he made someone laugh. Rowan is that way, he also has the same good looks as Gonzo.

I learned this week that Gonzo died. In my opinion, dogs lives are so short. Gonzo will be missed.

As you will notice, I do keep Rowan on a leash in the kitchen. That area has become his "spot". I love this because sometimes the leash comes loose from the drawer and I will still find him there. He does like the tile floor. I will have to get a picture of him as a pancake on the floor for next time.

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