Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rowan at 14-15 weeks

Well, tomorrow Rowan turns 15 weeks.

We visited the vet today for his vacs and he weighed 27.2 pounds. I believe the weight is all in his legs and feet (they are huge!).

Yesterday he lost his first tooth. One of the front middle ones.

Today on our walk to school, I attached his leash to his gentle leader. It was like power steering in a car - WOW, no pulling or lagging, it was great!

I have been putting his gentle leader on him at meal times and he is so excited to see it because it means something good is going to happen. Today we actually attached the leash to it. I knew it would help, but it was like a miracle.

While waiting for my daughter to finish soccer practice, my other daughter and Rowan were enjoying the San Diego type weather. I took some video clips of the day - enjoy.

Rowan was watching two boys play ball nearby and I knew if allowed he would play with them - he was so good! As you can see in the videos, he just watched quietly.

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